One-day tour packages to be offered during Taiwan Lantern Festival

Taipei--Visitors to the 2017 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Yunlin will have an opportunity to explore the central county more easily as travel agents will offering two different one-day tour packages, the organizers said Thursday.

This year's lantern festival will be held in two areas -- at the main venue in Huwei from Feb. 11-19 and in Beigang from Feb. 7-19, according to the organizers.

The two tour packages will be available Monday to Friday during those periods, they said.

One of the packages will include visits to Beigang attractions such as Chaotian Temple, the Sky Bridge, a handicraft center and a park that features a stone statue of the sea goddess Mazu.

The tour will also extend to Huwei sites, including a paper art village, a tourism factory that makes towels, a puppet theater, a sugar factory, old bridges and Huwei Station, then finish at the lantern display location.

The other package will cover attractions in Kouhu and Shuilin townships, including the Tilapia Ecological and Creative Park, Chenglong Wetlands, a mangrove clam museum and a Formosan golden bat museum, before concluding at the Beigang lantern display site.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel