Over 60% of employers have no internship plans: survey

More than 60 percent of employers in Taiwan do not plan to offer students internships due to operating costs, a survey conducted by online 1111 Job Bank showed Friday.

Citing the survey, the job bank said that because many companies in Taiwan are small and medium-sized enterprises, they want to recruit employees who can make an immediate contribution without training.

In addition, the job bank pointed out that many such firms have no additional manpower to instruct interns, which also deters employers from providing internships.

According to the survey, about 66 percent of the 1,293 employers polled said they would not provide internships to students with no work experience.

1111 Job Bank Vice President Daniel Lee (???) said there were 1.38 million small and medium sized firms in Taiwan in 2015, accounting for 97 percent of the total and controlling operating costs is one of their priorities.

About 37.1 percent of those who were reluctant to have interns said they had no positions requiring an internship, 22.0 percent said that the duration of an internship was too short to train an employee adequately and 13.6 percent said that training an intern would adversely impact operations.

Of the 34 percent of polled enterprises willing to provide internships, 53.1 percent said they expected internships to help them recruit more talented individuals, 38.6 percent said interns would make up a shortfall in entry-level manpower and 18.6 percent said they were interested in recruiting quality interns from certain schools, the job bank said.

The survey showed that 77 percent of those who planned to provide internships wanted to provide training for six months to a year. The job bank said students should take advantage of such opportunities to improve their work experience in order to land a better job in the future.

The job bank said that 57.3 percent of polled employers indicated a job applicant who had served an internship would be more competitive because he or she would be expected to adapt to the demands of the position quickly.

Old economy industries, education/public sector and the media prefer to recruit newcomers who have had internships, the job bank said.

1111 Job Bank said that of the 34 percent of employers who wanted interns, 95 percent were prepared to offer compensation or a scholarship. About 56.2 percent said they would prefer to pay by the month and 39.3 percent by the hour.

The job bank said that 60 percent of employers with interns indicated they were happy with their performance.

The survey was conducted from Oct. 1 to 19 with a confidence level of 95 percent and a margin of error of plus or minus 2.72 percentage points, the job bank said.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel