Over 860,000 residential properties in Taiwan unoccupied: MOI

There were 862,600 unoccupied residential properties around Taiwan as of the end of 2015, accounting for 10.35 percent of the total, the Ministry of the Interior (MOI) said Thursday.

Of the empty properties, 118,713 were in New Taipei and 63,890 were in Taipei, meaning that more than 20 percent of properties in greater Taipei were unoccupied, according to statistics compiled by the ministry's real estate information platform.

Nationwide, the highest non-occupancy rate -- 15.98 percent -- was seen in Yilan, where 28,000 properties were unoccupied.

Among the six special municipalities, Taoyuan had the highest non-occupancy rate at 11.49 percent, followed by Kaohsiung (10.86 percent), Tainan (10.15 percent), Taichung (10.02 percent), New Taipei (7.72 percent) and Taipei (7.22 percent).

New Taipei and Kaohsiung had the largest number of unoccupied properties, totaling 118,713 and 111,101, respectively.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel