Over 90% of workers want new jobs after Lunar New Year holiday: poll

Taipei, More than 90 percent of workers in Taiwan plan to look for a new job after the Lunar New Year holiday, with more than half of them eyeing higher pay, according a survey released Monday.

Citing the survey, online job bank yes123 said 90.7 percent of the poll's 1,204 respondents indicated they were aiming to land a new job after the nine-day holiday, which ends Feb. 10.

yes123 said the ratio was the highest since the job bank started to conduct the annual survey in 2008.

Employees in Taiwan who want to find a new job tend to act after they receive their year-end bonuses before the Lunar New Year holiday.

Company spokesman Yang Tsung-bin said that while the local economy showed signs of a lower pace of growth this year, workers in Taiwan are still hoping that a job change will boost their incomes.

Trade tensions between the United States and China have led some Taiwanese investors operating in China to express a desire to return to Taiwan, heightening expectations among respondents of more opportunities to find a new job, Yang said.

He said some of the Taiwanese companies plan to relocate their businesses or factories to Southeast Asian countries amid the trade dispute, a strategy that could also mean more opportunities to find new work overseas.

The survey found that 84.6 percent of those who want to find a new job are interested in working overseas, hoping they can earn more than double what they make in Taiwan.

According to the survey, 54.9 percent of those who plan to land a new job said they were not happy with their pay, 41.2 percent said they were not happy with their benefits, 33.4 percent said their companies lacked opportunities for promotion, and 31.1 percent said they were downbeat about their companies' prospects.

In addition, 28.4 percent of them said their current jobs did not allow them to make good use of their talents, 27 percent said they did not like what they were currently doing, 22 percent said their bonuses were not high enough, and 20.6 percent said they worked too many hours, and 19.2 percent cited heavy workloads, the survey found.

According to the survey, the average of pay they will ask for in a new job was NT$33,980 (US$1,103), up 6.6 percent from a similar survey conducted last year.

The survey was conducted during Dec. 26, 2018 to Jan. 4, 2019, with a confidence level of 95 percent and a margin of error of plus or minus 2.82 percentage points.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel