Overseas compatriots help ‘make Taiwan a better place’: Tsai

President Tsai Ing-wen (???) praised overseas compatriots as an extension of Taiwan's national power, and for working to make Taiwan a better country.

Tsai made the comments in an address to the first meeting of the Cabinet-level Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission (OCAC) since she took office and the new government was inaugurated on May 20.

"Taiwan represents the roots of overseas compatriots and they in turn are an extension of Taiwan," Tsai said as she welcomed OCAC members who returned to Taiwan for the meeting.

The 2016 OCAC congress opened Sunday in Taipei with nearly 200 members from 38 countries in attendance.

Over a three-day period that ends on Oct. 25, OCAC members, mostly leaders of compatriot organizations from overseas, will discuss compatriot affairs and plans for future work.

In her address, Tsai thanked overseas compatriots for their contributions to the country and generous assistance with money and labor.

She mentioned that after an earthquake in Tainan in February, which left 117 people dead and destroyed many homes, overseas compatriots donated about NT$80 million (US$2.5 million) in aid for the victim's families.

"Although you are not often in Taiwan, your efforts still help to make Taiwan a better place," Tsai said, calling the compatriots an "extension of Taiwan's national power."

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel