Owner of recovered long-lost camera to visit Taiwan in June

Tokyo, A Japanese university student who is the owner of a camera that has been floating around at sea for over two years and was recently found on a beach in eastern Taiwan's Yilan County will visit Taiwan in June to thank the finders in person.

Serina Tsubakihara posted a message in Japanese and English on her Facebook page late Wednesday in response to the news that her camera had been found by a group of fifth graders from Yueming Elementary School.

In her message, she explained that she went scuba diving with friends just off Ishigaki Island during the summer of 2015, and while she was underwater, she accidentally let go of her camera and it floated away.

While Tsubakihara decided to stop looking for her camera when she could not locate it at the scene, there were tens of thousands of netizens looking for her earlier this week.

Park Lee (???), the homeroom teacher of the students who found the camera during a routine beach cleanup, posted a message looking for the owner of the camera and some photos from the camera on Tuesday to his own Facebook page.

Because the class inferred from the photos that the owner was probably Japanese, Lee asked a friend to translate the message into Japanese to maximize the exposure.

The post quickly went viral, being shared about 12,000 times on the social media platform, with Taiwan's Representative to Japan Frank Hsieh (???) even posting about the camera on his own page.

Tsubakihara, a student at Sophia University in Tokyo, said that she will travel to Taiwan in June to thank Lee and his students in person and is counting down the days until her trip.

She is incredibly impressed that the camera, a black Canon PowerShot G12, seems to still be functional after all this time at sea and is incredibly grateful for everyone's help.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel