Police crackdown on illegal gambling ahead of Universiade

Taipei police have begun cracking down on illegal gambling ahead of the 2017 Summer Universiade.

This is the first year that Taiwan has been chosen to host the global sports event for university athletes. It will kick off on August 19 and run through August 30.

Taipei police officer Cheng Kuo-lung said that suspects had used a taiwanlottery betting booth as a cover-up for illegal gambling. The booth collected NT$17 million (US$570,000) in bets since it opened in January this year.

Ahead of the 2017 Summer Universiade, the police department will crack down on all illegal gambling websites and sports gambling websites," said Cheng. "[I] want to tell gamblers that your behavior is illegal. Do not break the law and do not take chances.

The operator of the betting booth was found to be running the operation independent of the taiwanlottery. There were no processing fees or stamp taxes for gamblers that won.

Source: Radio Taiwan International