Police seize over 200 kg of drugs in latest raids

Taipei-Taipei City Police Department seized more than 200 kilograms of illegal drugs in a series of coordinated drug raids around the city that spanned eight days in early November, according to police officials on Thursday.

The police department held a press conference on Thursday to detail its latest drug raids in the city, which involved searches of 246 locations, identified 258 cases of illegal drugs and seized 205.4 kg of drugs from Nov. 3-10.

According to Yu Yung-lien (???) of the Drug Enforcement Center, the eight-day series of raids focused on hotels, motels and other paid lodging establishments where people gather to engage in drug use.

One case Yu discussed involved three men who had smuggled in drugs from Hong Kong.

The Beitou police found 203.47 kg of ephedrine, a level four drug, when they raided the place where the three men were staying.

The police also seized 43.13 grams (g) of heroin, 70.3 g of amphetamine and 0.19 g of ketamine in Beitou, while 631 g of amphetamine, 25.54 g of heroine and 19 g of marijuana were found in Nangang.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel