Politics: Focus on disaster risk management to ensure the security of the country and the people

Shi Junji, vice president of the Executive Yuan, presided over the "107 Homeland Security Policy Report" today (10), reviewing the work of homeland security in (107) and discussing the priorities for the coming year. After listening to the project report, Vice President Shi instructed the relevant units to improve their homeland security. In the future, they should focus on major human-induced dangerous events, terrorist attacks, cyber attacks on critical infrastructure and major disasters. The concept of protection, implementation of risk management, deepening disaster resilience and resilience, and ensuring homeland security.

Vice-President Shi said that he hopes to find out the weaknesses of key infrastructures that are not discovered through the exercise, so that the organization can learn from practice; only the exercise standards and sufficient preparations of "strict and difficult" and "simulation exercises" can cope with the future. More severe challenges; at the same time, continue to strengthen the resilience of events in response to terrorist activities, in order to reduce the risk of public safety hazards and ensure the safety of life and property of Chinese people.

Deputy Director Shi pointed out that the rapid development of remote-controlled drone technology, applied to agriculture, fire protection, law enforcement, environmental protection, scientific research, patrol and disaster prevention, has become an important issue in homeland security, and was revised and released on April 25 last year. The "Civil Aviation Law" special seal specifies the relevant safety, management and event notification specifications. The relevant central authorities and local governments are required to cooperate fully and in accordance with the law to establish management, auditing and enforcement energy. Apart from promoting the "Civil Aviation Law" and strengthening the management of drones, the Government still needs to upgrade its detection and control technology to prevent terrorist attacks.

At today's meeting, Vice President Shi also presented awards for the 107 years of "National Critical Infrastructure Protection Exercises", "Jinhua Exercises" and "Bio-Pathogens Major Victims of Dangerous Events or Terrorist Attacks Chess Deduction" and other outstanding units. Expressed with Jiayu.

The Office of Homeland Security of the Executive Yuan stated that the recipients demonstrated team spirit during the exercise, explored the strain problems and potential risks, and effectively cooperated with the vertical cross-level and horizontal cross-unit cooperation to verify the security protection management mechanism and the strain recovery procedures.

Source: Executive Yuan Republic of China