Premier demands efforts to better serve Kinmen, Matsu residents

Taipei--Premier Lin Chuan (??) instructed that service staff should make frequent grassroots-level visits to better attend to the needs of the people, during a Jan. 17 ceremony marking the inauguration of the Executive Yuan's Kinmen-Matsu joint service center in the offshore county of Kinmen.

Kinmen and Matsu, two major battlefield islands during the Chinese civil war in the 1950s, are now facing a different set of challenges due to changes in circumstances over the past several decades, Lin said.

A good public transportation system and a robust health care system are particularly needed in the two island archipelagoes, the premier said, adding that more should be done by the government to meet the basic needs of local residents.

Lin also expressed hope that the joint service center can make a great contribution to the development of Kinmen and Matsu.

While the center is located on Kinmen, staff should particularly keep Matsu residents' needs in mind, Lin said.

He also directed the center to devise a long-term plan for the development of medical and health care, transportation, tourism and other industries.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel