President hopeful for more trade, economic cooperation with Belize

President Tsai Ing-wen (???) underscored Wednesday the importance she attaches to Taiwan-Belize relations and expressed hope that the two nations can seek increased trade and economic cooperation in the future.

Tsai spelled out her expectations during a meeting with new Belize Ambassador to the Republic of China (Taiwan) Diane Haylock, who presented her credentials to the president that day.

In the meeting, Tsai praised Belize for its participation in Central American and Caribbean forums, its calls for cooperation among island-states in tackling problems caused by climate change, and its concern about issues related to freedom and democracy, peace and stability, and prosperity and development.

Those are "the mainstream values Taiwan and Belize share with each other," and "the cornerstones of the friendship between the two countries," Tsai said.

Haylock was president of Belize's National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) for many years, and worked with Taiwan on the promotion of an art-teaching program for Belize students during her service at NICH, Tsai noted.

The president welcomed Haylock as the Central American country's new ambassador to Taiwan, and said she expects bilateral interaction and cooperation to become deeper and more diversified in the future.

Belize is one of the 22 countries with which Taiwan maintains diplomatic ties.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel