President pledges new body to deal with transitional justice

Taipei--An independent institution will be established to handle issues related to "transitional justice" in Taiwan once a proposed bill is approved by the country's Legislature, President Tsai Ing-wen (???) said on Tuesday.

Legislation to promote transitional justice will be prioritized during the current legislative session, which began on Feb. 17 and will end in June, she said.

The president made the statement during a ceremony to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Feb. 28 Incident, an uprising which led to a bloody crackdown by government troops in 1947.

Tsai did not elaborate on the new institution but vowed to help achieve the "unfinished mission" of identifying the perpetrators of the crackdown that some have claimed wiped out a generation of young leaders in Taiwanese society.

In her speech, Tsai said more government documents will be identified and used to draft a national report on transitional justice, one section of which will be dedicated to the Feb. 28 Incident.

She dismissed critics who have said that Taiwan should look forward and focus on economic development.

"The past will never go away unless we find out the truth," she said.

"While working to improve our economy is important, justice is also important," said the president. "A country that has both prosperity and justice is a goal worthy of our efforts."

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel