President salutes soldiers on Armed Forces Day

President Tsai Ing-wen (???) praised soldiers for their contributions to safeguarding the country and saluted them for their efforts Saturday, Taiwan's Armed Forces Day.

On her personal Facebook page, the president posted a bitmap that represents soldiers in the three branches of the country's military, along with the words: "I salute each of you, who are there to safeguard our country."

Tsai also sent a message through instant messaging app LINE to thank them for their efforts. "We're able to live safe, happy lives because of your sacrifices and efforts. Let us salute you wholeheartedly on the Sept. 3 Armed Forces Day," she wrote.

Meanwhile, the president went to the Martyrs' Shrine in Taipei to pay tribute to the soldiers and officers who have died for the Republic of China.

She also called on the public to thank them for their efforts.

Photo courtesy of MND

In celebrating Armed Forces Day, the Ministry of National Defense has been organizing a series of events, including a party to "salute heroes," in which military personnel joined baseball players to throw the first pitch at a Chinese Professional Baseball League game Friday in Taoyuan.

Before the game, the military staged combat skill performances and a flyover by jet fighters. An Air Force S-70C rescue helicopter flew to the center of the field and a medical technician rapelled from the helicopter to the ground and threw the first pitch.

Defense Minister Feng Shih-kuan (???) and many military officers were also present to watch the event.

Photo courtesy of MND

As part of the celebration, many military-friendly enterprises offered discounts and other preferential treatment to military personnel wearing uniform while out with friends and family members Saturday.

A pastry store in Kaohsiung offers discounts to military personnel. Photo courtesy of MND

Participating enterprises included fast food chains MacDonald's and Mos Burger, B&Q hypermarket and Ambassador Theatres.

The activity drew many soldiers and officers to eat with their families at the restaurants or go to a movie.

Photo courtesy of MND

An officer with her child at an amusement park in Taichung, which offers discounts to military personnel on Saturday.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel