President says she will monitor progress of judicial reform

Taipei--President Tsai Ing-wen said Saturday that she will closely monitor the progress of judicial reform to ensure it is carried out successfully and efficiently, following the conclusion of a national conference on the issue.

In her closing remarks at the conference, Tsai said an advisory panel headed by former Grand Justice Lin Tzu-yi will report to her on a regular basis to help her gather the opinions of various sectors of society on the matter.

Because the reform will involve all five branches of government, Tsai said she will do her best to coordinate among the government branches to facilitate their horizontal communication.

The president instructed the related agencies under the Judicial Yuan and Executive Yuan to not only stick to the direction of the reform but also increase their strength and speed in carrying out the reform.

The Judicial Yuan and Executive Yuan should also present a report every six months on the progress being made, she said.

Pointing out that many issues discussed in the conference involve amendments or enactment of laws, she urged the related agencies to arrange meetings with legislators as soon as possible to brief them on the details.

Saturday's meeting was the conclusion of a 10-month series of conferences on how to implement judicial reform in Taiwan. The effort is being led by a Presidential Office reform committee that was convened by Tsai last year to seek public opinion on the issue.

Issues addressed included how to provide better protection for crime victims and the underprivileged, establish a fair and trustworthy judiciary, create a highly efficient and accountable judicial system, achieve greater engagement and transparency, and create a better system to maintain social order.

Source: Overseas Community Affairs Council