President Tsai attends Han Kuang drill in Penghu

President Tsai Ing-wen has observed the annual Han Kuang military exercises in person.

The drills took place on the offshore island county of Penghu on Thursday. The Republic of China Army, Air Force and Navy carried out joint operations with live ammunition to defend against a simulated enemy landing force.

President Tsai praised the military for highly coordinated combat effectiveness. The president said she has backed improvement in living condition for troops and promoted the development of domestic arms production.

Tsai said, First of all, our R&D capabilities have advanced to a point where we are able to develop indigenous weapons that meet our own needs and can add to our defense capability. Second, we hope to boost domestic demand, push Taiwan's tech industry forward and add more job opportunities by increasing investment in the defense industry. Third and most importantly, our efforts to build indigenous weapons show the world our determination to defend our homeland.

The drill on Thursday involved over 3,900 personnel and 130 different types of weapons.

Source: Radio Taiwan International