President Tsai attends state banquet hosted by St. Lucia Governor-General Sir Emmanuel Neville Cenac

On evening of July 17 local time (morning of July 18 Taipei time), President Tsai Ing-wen, currently traveling on her Journey of Freedom, Democracy, and Sustainability, attended a state banquet hosted by St. Lucia Governor-General Sir Emmanuel Neville Cenac.

Upon arrival, Governor-General Sir Cenac and his wife accompanied President Tsai to the banquet venue.

The following is a transcript of the president's remarks:

I am very delighted to be here in your country's 40th year of independence.

We actually had quite a full day today and it's our first day in St. Lucia. Prime Minister [Allan] Chastanet, and many others, gave our delegation a firsthand glimpse of the outstanding results of our cooperation.

From healthcare to infrastructure, from education to agriculture, we are constantly finding ways to work together to benefit both of our peoples. And I look forward to working even more closely with all of you in the future. Because we are committed to St. Lucia's sustainable development.

And I am sure you are also committed to supporting Taiwan on the international stage. And on behalf of the people of Taiwan, I want to thank you for making us feel seen and heard.

Once again, I want to thank Governor-General Cenac and Prime Minister Chastanet for the warm welcome we have felt since arriving here. I am particularly appreciative of the reception that the governor-general gave me this afternoon. I listened very carefully to what he had to say this afternoon and just now. He is such a man with wisdom and a great sense of humor. Prime Minister Chastanet, I have long considered a friend of mine, and we talked a lot when he was in Taipei, and we talked a lot more today. And I appreciate him accompanying me today all day. And I am sure we will be together tomorrow. And I had the privilege to meet with so many people from your country, the dignitaries, business leaders, and political leaders as well. So I appreciate this wonderful opportunity to meet with you all.

I was supposed to propose a toast to all of you. In addition to proposing a toast, I want to say thank you again to you all for your hospitality and warm welcome. I would ask the members of my delegation to stand up. We want to say thank you to you all, and would like to propose a toast to our everlasting friendship, and our sustainable future. Cheers!

Earlier, President Tsai met with Governor-General Sir Cenac at St. Lucia's Government House, where the two leaders engaged in a wide-ranging discussion on matters of shared concern. The president expressed hope that Taiwan and St. Lucia will continue to work together in the spirit of steadfast diplomacy and mutual assistance for mutual benefits to create a sustainable future for both countries.

Source: Office of the President, Republic of China (Taiwan)