President Tsai congratulates French President-elect Macron

Taipei--President Tsai Ing-wen (???) on Monday extended congratulations to French President-elect Emmanuel Macron on his victory in Sunday's election.

Tsai said that France has one of the strongest democratic traditions in the world and shares the values of liberty, equality, fraternity and human rights with Taiwan, according to a statement released by the Presidential Office.

The president said she expects the welfare of the citizens of France will further improve under the leadership of Macron.

She also looks forward to deeper cooperation between Taiwan and France on a variety of issues in the future, the statement said.

Macron, 39, who won Sunday's runoff against Marine Le Pen with 66.6 percent of the votes, will become the youngest president in France's history and the country's youngest head of state since Napoleon.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel