President Tsai praises robust TaiwanTuvalu relations

President Tsai Ingwen said May 3 that the government will strengthen cooperation and exchanges with Tuvalu across the board so as to create more mutually beneficial opportunities for the people of both countries.

Taiwan and Tuvalu are committed to promoting sustainable national development while facing pressing challenges together, Tsai said. This includes combating climate change by realizing relevant U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, she added.

The country is ready, willing and able to share its related experience and knowhow, Tsai said, playing an even greater role in advancing regional and global wellbeing.

Tsai made the remarks during a meeting with Tuvalu Prime Minister Enele Sopoaga at the Presidential Office in Taipei City. The leader of the IndoPacific ally is in Taiwan on a sixday official visit at the head of a 24member delegation.

According to Tsai, Taiwan and Tuvalu are working together in an increasing number of areas such as cooperative agricultural projects and talent cultivation programs. The former is making more fresh produce available for residents and boosting health, while the latter is increasing access to topnotch education and training programs in Taiwan, she said.

This strong partnership is to be further reinforced this year with the establishment of the Taiwan Digital Opportunity Center, Tsai said. Cultivating nextgeneration tech talents promises to build better tomorrows for all participating countries, she added.

Tsai also thanked Sopoaga and the people of Tuvalu for staunchly supporting Taiwan's international participation in the activities, mechanisms and meetings of U.N.affiliated agencies like the World Health Organization. The recent letter to Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, directorgeneral of the WHO, urging Taiwan's invitation to the 72nd World Health Assembly May 2028 in Geneva is particularly appreciated, she added.

In response, Sopoaga said the government and people of Tuvalu are proud of the friendship with Taiwan and sincerely grateful for the opportunities afforded to the country's young people to excel in medicine, science and technology.

Tsai and Sopoaga also witnessed the signing of an agreement on seafarers' training and certification. The pact was concluded by Taiwan's Minister of Transportation and Communications Lin Chialung and his Tuvalu counterpart Monise Laafai.

Source: Taiwan Today