President Tsai visits soldiers in Kinmen

President Tsai Ing-wen (???) traveled to the outlying island of Kinmen Saturday to visit troops that will remain on duty there throughout the Mid-Autumn Festival, which falls on Sept. 15 this year.

Addressing the troops, Tsai said Kinmen is an island of historical significance and was the frontline of big battles such as the Guningtou Battle in 1949 and the 823 Artillery Bombardment in 1958.

In those battles, Communist China was foiled in its attempts to take Kinmen and make a move on Taiwan proper, Tsai said.

"Without the (Kinmen) troops' brave fight against the invaders, there would be no democracy and prosperity in Taiwan today," she told the current soldiers, who will stay on duty on the outlying island during the Mid-Autumn holiday Sept. 15-18.

Tsai said that since the end of the Cold War, Kinmen has become a frontline for the positive development of relations across the Taiwan Strait.

For example, the establishment in 2001 of trade, postal and transportation links between Kinmen and the Chinese port city of Xiamen � known as the three mini-links � helped boost cross-strait trade and paved the way for cultural exchanges later, she saids

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel