Quemoy musical festival to open July 25

Taipei, The 2018 Quemoy International Music Festival is scheduled to take place July 25-Aug. 4, featuring popular singers and promising new stars, according to the Kinmen County government.

Four concerts with different themes will start at 7 p.m. at the Houhu ocean park in Jinning Township, the county's Recreation and Tourism Department said in a statement issued July 13.

According to the department, Quemoy, rather than Kinmen, was chosen at its inception in 2017 as the name of the music festival to attract young people because of its unique pronunciation.

Kinmen formerly was known as Quemoy, which was the name given by Portuguese sailors who arrived on the island in the 15th and 16th centuries, it explained.

The July 25 opening will feature Jeannie Hsieh (???), a high- profile singer-songwriter and actress known for writing and performing music that combines techno and hip-hop. She will perform several techno pieces with other singers in both Mandarin and Taiwanese.

Leheane Palray (???), a Mandopop singer from an indigenous tribe in Kaohsiung who has climbed to fame in recent years, and ???(Kimberley Chen), a Chinese-Malaysian from Australia, will headline two concerts to be held July 28 and Aug. 1, respectively.

Chan Ya-wen (???), a Taiwanese Hokkien pop singer and songwriter, who took the 2008 Golden Melody Award for Best Dialect Female Artist, will be the spotlight for an Aug. 4 concert to mark the conclusion of this year's Quemoy musical festival.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel