Rain late Friday to bring week of changeable weather

Taipei--There will be rain in northern and northeastern Taiwan Friday night as a front approaches, ushering in a week of changeable weather at the start of the "plum rain" season, the Central Weather Bureau said.

Central and southern Taiwan are also expected to see some showers on Saturday afternoon but the precipitation is not likely to last for long in those areas, the bureau said.

Rain in the northern part of the country is expected to let up on Sunday, which is Mother's Day in Taiwan, but more rain is in the forecast for Monday and Tuesday, including some chances of heavy downpours, it said.

There will be risk of flooding in low-lying areas when the second weather front arrives on Monday, the bureau added.

Weather fronts during the plum rain season typically move forward and backward and the front arriving from the north Monday is expected to move back up to cover the entire island Thursday, a day after reaching the Bashi Channel off southern Taiwan, said Hsu Chung-yi (???), a forecaster of the Central Weather Bureau.

It means that there would be more rain around Taiwan after northern and northeastern Taiwan see a break from rainy weather Wednesday, said Hsu.

With rain and more cloud cover, highs around Taiwan in the next week are expected to hover near 28 degrees Celsius but up to over 30 degrees when it is not raining, the bureau said.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel