Rain mitigates on Sunday with occasional showers around Taiwan

Taipei--After a frontal system has left, the weather will be drier on Sunday than the day before with most areas in Taiwan to have only occasional showers, the Central Weather Bureau said.

It will be mostly cloudy in the areas north of Taiwan and in offshore islands of Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu with occasional showers on Sunday, while the eastern and southern areas would also have occasional showers, the bureau forecast.

The highs will be at 28-29 degrees Celsius in the north, northeast and east, and 30-32 degrees in the rest of the country. The lows will reach 22-25 degrees, the bureau said.

It advised people to stay hydrated by drinking as much water as they can because of the humid and warm weather.

Meanwhile, according to meteorologist Wu Der-rong (???), although the sun can be seen in many places around Taiwan on Sunday, the weather is expected to undergo a drastic change on Monday with possible thundershowers and strong winds.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel