Rain moving south Sunday, weather becoming dry later

Taipei--It would be a day of cloudy and rainy weather all around Taiwan Sunday, with northern and eastern Taiwan particularly wet and cold under the influence of a continental cold air mass, the Central Weather Bureau said.

The good news is that the weather would turn dry Monday even though temperatures would remain low in late-night and early-morning hours, the bureau said.

The weather is expected to become warmer during the day on Tuesday as the cold air mass weakens.

On early Sunday morning, a low of 11.8 degrees Celsius was recorded in Tamsui, New Taipei, the lowest temperature of the day expected at or near sea level in Taiwan, the bureau said.

A band of rain and cloud was expected to move south during the day so it would become dry in northern Taiwan in the afternoon while the rain would not let up until the evening in central and southern Taiwan, it said.

Rain would likely continue to fall into the night in eastern Taiwan and in the mountainous areas around Taiwan, according to the forecast.

Temperatures during the day were expected to range between 17 to 19 degrees at the highest in northern and eastern Taiwan, 21 to 24 degrees in central Taiwan and around 25 degrees in the south, the bureau said.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel