Regarding the review of Changhua County’s offshore wind power planning license, the Ministry of Economic Affairs will continue to deal with the principles of fairness, justice and consistency.

Relevant media said that Changhua County still has different opinions on the offshore wind power generation license review case. The Ministry of Economic Affairs said that the power to prepare for review is in the Ministry of Economic Affairs, but because local government opinions are important for the future success or failure of the development case, When the local government has different opinions, the Ministry of Economic Affairs will not issue a permit. This is the principle of fairness, impartiality and consistency in handling the offshore wind power application.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs further stated that the offshore wind power projects approved in the past were handled in accordance with the relevant regulations of the "Electricity Registration Rules" and the "Application for the Establishment of Power Generation Industry and the Operation Process". After the local government transferred the case to the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the economy In accordance with the above provisions, the Ministry invited members to conduct a review of the current survey and review meeting for review. Since the local government's opinions on the development case are very important, it will certainly invite the Ministry of Economic Affairs to approve the offshore wind power financing projects such as Yunneng and Haineng. It is also a consistent procedure, and will wait until the participating review unit agrees to the respondent's response and has no additional comments before issuing the approval.

This time, about 4 companies including Wo Xu, Zhongneng, Hailong and CIP, a total of 6 electric industry financing plans, Changhua County Government responded on December 28th, saying that the opening practitioners' comments on the county government's review opinions Too simple, please explain to the industry. According to the Ministry of Economic Affairs, based on the above-mentioned consistency principle, after the review opinions submitted by Changhua County Government have been requested, the Ministry of Economic Affairs will re-submit the Changhua County Government after receiving the reply. Opinions and clarification of relevant issues to facilitate the smooth follow-up of offshore wind power development cases.

Source: Ministry of Economic Affairs R.O.C