Registration opens for group wedding on Alishan

Taipei--The annual group wedding under the Sacred Tree on Alishan will be held in mid-October and registration is now open but only 10 couples will be selected to participate this year, the organizers said Tuesday.

Couples that have been married for less than a year or are planning to tie the knot soon are eligible to register to take part in the wedding, which will begin on Oct.14, the Alishan National Scenic Area Administration said.

Selection, however, will be limited to 10 couples who will be selected by means of a draw that will be streamed live on the event's Facebook page on Aug. 16, the organizers said.

The wedding will start with a two-day tour of the Alishan National Scenic Area and will include Alishan specialty dishes, a Tsou aboriginal tribal wedding ceremony, and photography services, the organizers said.

The main ceremony will be held under the 1,000-year-old Sacred Tree on Alishan, a popular tourist attraction, they said.

Registration is open until Aug. 15. Information of the event is available on its official website at or its Facebook page at

Source: Overseas Community Affairs Council