Renowned Taiwanese chef to start restaurant project in China

Singapore-Taiwanese celebrity chef Andre Chiang (???), in collaboration with Chengdu Langqiao Culture Development Co., will launch a food and restaurant project in China next month, according an article posted on Chinese social media Tuesday.

The restaurant will be based in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province, and will feature Sichuan cuisine, according to the article posted by the Bridge, which is the name of the collaborative project.

It cited Chiang as saying that the project is not just about launching a restaurant in China but will also allow him to explore the roots of Chinese culture.

Chiang has said that he wants to meet with top Chinese chefs who specialize in different cuisines, explore the soul and DNA of Sichuan cuisine, and share his knowledge with younger generations, according to the article on the site WeChat.

Chiang, the former head chef of the three Michelin star restaurant Le Jardin des Sens in France, will also seek to explain the role of the five senses-- sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing -- in the culinary arts, the article said.

The culinary world was abuzz last month when Chiang announced that he planned to close his two-Michelin-starred Restaurant Andre in Singapore next February, give back the Michelin stars, and return to Taiwan.

After thirty years of a professional culinary career, returning to where I was born forty years ago has always been my dream, passing on everything I have to the next generation in Taiwan and China is my duty, and providing young chefs a better education and culinary culture is an urgent priority for me, he wrote in a statement, explaining his decision.

Restaurant Andre is currently ranked second on the list of Asia's 50 Best Restaurants and is the only restaurant in Singapore on the World's 50 Best Restaurant list, ranking 14th.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel