Renowned U.S. forensic scientist stars in Taiwanese crime series

Taipei, Henry Chang-yu Lee a U.S. national and one of the world's leading forensic scientists, Thursday talked about his role in the second season of the Taiwanese TV series "Crime Scene Investigation Center (i Hero)."

At a press conference on Thursday in Taipei City, Lee talked about his experience on the series with female lead Janel Tsai and said he played the role of an international detective in "i Hero," set to broadcast in March 2019 in Taiwan.

Lee said "i Hero" not only provides knowledge about forensic science, but also makes people aware of the fact that forensic professionals do much to keep the pubic safe.

Asked whether acting or dealing with real crimes is more difficult, Lee said he found acting very challenging.

The forensic scientist cited his acting experience in American series "Trace Evidence," in which it took him more than 10 takes to disembark from a plane and enter an airport, with the director asking him to exaggerate the swinging of arms when walking.

After that experience, Lee said he avoided acting for a while but "i Hero" allowed him to be himself.

Asked whether he plans to take his acting career any further, the scientist said he is 81 years old, adding "My profession is to speak for the innocent and those who cannot speak for themselves."

Tsai praised Lee for his professionalism and said that in a scene discussing an arsonist's state of mind, his acting was even more precise than in the script.

Ku Chao producer of "i Hero," said at the press conference that the series places a spotlight firmly on the lives of forensic scientists, noting that many forensic professionals have told the crew that watching the first season of the show made them feel their hard work is truly valued.

Ku told CNA that it was feedback from other professionals that persuaded Lee to take a role in the series. Ku said the script of "i Hero" is proofread by more than 30 scientists to ensure it remains accurate and true to life

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel