Repelling the cold, keeping warm, and being happy, welcome the New Year

According to the weather forecast data of the Central Meteorological Administration, from December 28 to 30, 107, the low temperature dating in the north fell to 10-11 degrees and continued to rain, which coincided with the New Year's Day holiday. The National Health Service reminded the three high patients and Patients with cardiovascular disease should pay attention to disease control. When participating in outdoor New Year's activities, they should pay special attention to keeping warm. In addition, people should pay attention to the lives of their elders. Don't neglect the impact of low temperature on health, especially on cardiovascular diseases. More obvious.

New Year's activities, don't suffer from cold head and neck

The night and the early morning are the lowest temperatures. The National Health Service reminds people who participate in outdoor New Year's activities to keep warm. In addition to wearing warm clothing, they should also pay attention to the warmth of the head and neck and the extremities. Use hats, masks, scarves, Gloves and socks are worn at multiple levels (such as onion-style dressing). Choose clothes suitable for physical activities, and it is convenient to wear and take off clothes with temperature changes. When it is rainy and wet, it is recommended that the outermost layer be selected to have moisture and wind resistance. Jackets and non-slip shoes.

Pay attention to the elders in the house to walk in and avoid falling

In the next few days, the weather is relatively cold and cold, reminding the elders of the family to keep warm, but also pay attention to when going out, because the rain is slippery to avoid falling. According to the National Health Service investigation, the top three outdoor fall injuries are in the following order: 1. Street Or on the road/roadside, 2. park/sports field or ice rink, 3. vegetable garden/farmland, etc.; and the direct cause of the fall injury is 33.3% of the environmental factors, the first three are in order: 1. step on or kick to the ground Things, 2. the floor is slippery, 3. hit the table legs and furniture. The Director of the National Health Service, Wang Yingwei, reminded the family that if there are elders over the age of 65, when the temperature continues to decrease, the family should pay special attention to the living and activities of the elders. In addition to the three high controls, the elderly will make the surrounding due to age and three high factors. The blood circulation and neuromuscular system respond slowly to the environment. It is true that the elderly are warm and ingest enough hot food and water. Wet and cold weather should be minimized, or wear non-slip shoes and companionship, try to avoid slippery and easy to fall, and increase the risk of falls, forearm fractures, head and hip fractures.

Control disease, no holiday, prevent high security

The National Health Service reminds patients with high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease that there is no holiday to control the disease and monitor blood pressure. Therefore, in addition to keeping warm, regular medication, regular return and diet control should be used. The most important thing is to regularly measure blood pressure. Blood pressure monitoring can be healthy and safe for the New Year.

Source: Ministry of Health and Welfare