Sanitation workers cannot refuse to collect cat litter: EPA

Cat litter is considered part of the "general waste" of a household, and sanitation workers cannot refuse to pick it up as long as it is wrapped in garbage bags, the Environmental Protection Administration said Saturday.

The EPA's warning came in response to reports that sanitation workers recently refused to handle garbage bags containing cat litter waste.

Under the Waste Disposal Act, general waste refers to solid or liquid waste, including garbage, excrement and urine, and animal carcasses, from households or other non-industrial sources that could pollute the environment, the EPA said.

It also reminded pet owners to clean the feces of their dogs, cats or other animals when taking them out.

Pet owners are subject to fines of between NT$1,200 (US$38) and NT$6,000 for violating the Waste Disposal Act if they fail to clean up after their pets, the EPA said.

The EPA collected NT$834,300 in fines for dog poop alone after receiving 730 complaints about dog owners failing to clean up after their pets last year.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel