Science ministry to set up robotics bases in two science parks

The science ministry has announced plans to set up two robotics bases in the next four years. That was the word from Science Minister Chen Liang-gee on Wednesday.

Chen said the ministry plans to integrate resources in the Central and Southern Taiwan Science Parks to set up these bases.

The spaces, Chen said, will provide the necessary software and hardware needed to develop robots.

"Say I want to make a robot, I can simply draw its shape with a computer program and make a real model with a 3D printer. I can try whatever material I want, and if it doesn't work, I can change the [material] and test it again," Chen said. "This [environment] shortens the learning process and creative feedback loop, making everything happen simultaneously. After testing is complete, [the maker] will be aware of how to put his product into service."

Chen said the science ministry will invest NT$ 2 billion (US$ 66 million) into the bases. The hope is to foster the creation of 50 new companies and train 4,000 robotics industry professionals by 2020.

Source: Radio Taiwan International