Seasonal winds bring cool weather to northern Taiwan

The weather in northern Taiwan turned wet and cool Tuesday, with temperatures expected to fall to as low as 19 degrees Celsius as the first seasonal northeasterly winds set in, the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) said.

The CWB said the mercury in northern Taiwan dropped noticeably in the morning, when temperatures in low-lying areas fell to as low as 20.2 degrees Celsius in Tamsui, 20.8 degrees in Keelung and 21 degrees in Yilan County and Taipei.

In central and southern Taiwan, temperatures were between 23 degrees and 26 degrees in the early morning hours, it said.

Under the influence of seasonal winds, parts of northern and eastern Taiwan facing the winds will see brief rains, especially in northeast areas where the rainfall could last longer and cover wider areas.

Central and southern Taiwan will see better weather during the day, with temperatures reaching 29 or 30 degrees, but the mercury will fall after sundown to lower levels than in the early morning hours, the bureau said.

The CWB also issued a strong wind warning for open spaces along coastal areas as well as on the outlying islands of Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu.

The strength of the seasonal northeasterly winds will weaken on Friday and temperatures will gradually rise, the CWB said.

It also observed that a tropical low pressure system over waters near Guam could become a tropical storm but said the chances of it moving toward Taiwan are low.

The CWB said the tropical low pressure formed Sunday afternoon and is now located more than 3,000 kilometers from Taiwan and moving slowly in a westward direction.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel