Serial cat-killer sentenced to 10 months in jail

The Taipei District Court sentenced a man accused of killing two cats in Taipei over the past year to a combined 10 months in prison and a NT$350,000 (US$11,013) fine Thursday for the two offenses.

The district court handed down the ruling, which can be appealed, after Taipei prosecutors sought two concurrent six-month sentences against Chan Ho-yeung (???), 24, a former National Taiwan University (NTU) student from Macau, who confessed to killing the two cats, one last year and the other in August this year.

The first cat was a stray known as Big Orange that lived among the cafes on Wenzhou Street, an area well-known for coffee shops that welcome animals near the NTU's main campus in Taipei, while the second victim, Ban Ban, belonged to a restaurant owner in Taipei's Wenshan District.

Chan was indicted in May in violation of Taiwan's Animal Protection Act after he allegedly killed Big Orange in December 2015, stirring a wave of animal protection awareness, according to the Taipei Prosecutors Office.

Chan apologized to the public and begged forgiveness after that incident, saying that he felt guilty about hurting a weak creature simply because he lost control emotionally.

After he was indicted, NTU gave Chan two major demerits and two minor demerits for the December killing, and urged him to seek psychiatric treatment. However, he discontinued the psychiatric treatment in June.

Just days before a court session was scheduled to open about the first case in August, Chan admitted to killing the second cat, Ban Ban, owned by About Animals, a popular vegetarian restaurant.

Amid intense public pressure NTU expelled Chan Aug. 30, and Taipei prosecutors decided to seek a heavier sentence for him.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel