Smart Manufacturing and the world’s first industry 4.1

With the longterm support of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Professor Zheng Fangtian's team is committed to the academic research and industrial application of smart manufacturing and industry 4.1. The research and application of virtual measurement has been quite fruitful. Among them, in the field of academic and applied research of virtual measurement, it is even more global. In addition to publishing international journal articles, Professor Zheng's research results have won numerous invention patents from the Republic of China, the United States, Japan, Germany, South Korea, and the mainland; and he has successfully completed 46 technologies transferred to multiple semiconductors, panels, and solar energy. Such as hightech industrial manufacturers, and traditional industrial manufacturers related to aerospace, machine tools, blow molding machines, and carbon fiber, and consortium corporations. So far, the accumulated technology transfer contract has exceeded NT$100 million, and the paidin technology transfer has exceeded NT$10 million.

Zheng Fangtian and his research team have won the "National Invention Creation Award" by the Ministry of Economic Affairs for the third time with the patent related to automatic virtual measurement (AVM). Zheng Fangtian is the only professor of Chengda who has won this honor. And its research team's mastery of key technologies in the field of "virtual measurement" and its application in different industries have their advantages and are highly recognized.

The results of the statistical analysis conducted by the National Institute of Experimental Science and Technology Research and Information Center show that so far, Zheng Fangtian's number of patents in the AI application in manufacturing field is the first person in the academic research, and further the patent value of the inventor. Judging, at this stage, Zheng Fangtian has the highest patent value (in terms of originality, citation number, geographic coverage, versatility and patent family size).

Since 2012, Professor Zheng has started to cloud all the technologies related to smart manufacturing by implementing the threeyear integrated plan Smart Manufacturing Cloud of the National Science Council; and then implementing the advanced manufacturing of the Ministry of Science and Technology since 2015. Technology: TechnologyOriented Alliance Program: "Advanced Manufacturing Could of Things (AMCoT); its research results won the Best Applied Paper of the IEEE International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering (CASE) in 2017 Best Application Paper Award.

At present, the technologies related to Industry 4.0 proposed by countries all over the world have consistently emphasized the need to increase Productivity, but they have not emphasized how to improve product quality; in other words, they can only "close to zero defects" (Zero Defects). "As a vision, but it is not really close to the realm of zero defects; the key reason is that they do not have online instant full inspection technology with economical features. However, using Professor A's unique global AVM technology can achieve the goal of close to zero defects, because AVM can provide all the inspection information of all products online and immediately, and when any product is found to be defective, it can be eliminated. No delivery. In this way, all delivered products are zerodefective. However, for those products that have been rejected, the key parameter search algorithm (KSA) created by Professor Zheng in the Intelligent Yield Management (IYM) system can be used to find the main cause of the defects, so that Solve it fundamentally and continue to improve, so that all production products are close to the realm of zero defects. Therefore, using the industry 4.0 system development platform, if you can add AVM and KSA technology, you can achieve the product close to zero defects, this realm is the "Industry 4.1" defined by Zheng Fangtian.

In early 2018, Professor Zheng established the Smart Manufacturing Research Center (iMRC) at Chengda to develop an Intelligent Factory Automation (iFA), a smart manufacturing cloud service system platform. This iFA system platform has the key IoT components (CPA) and advanced manufacturing alliance cloud (AMCoT) architecture for the collection of big data and edge computing required for smart manufacturing (ie Industry 4.0), and can complete all products. Automatic virtual measurement (AVM) to ensure zero defect quality, predictable remaining life of the machine to avoid intelligent predictive maintenance (IPM) without warning, and to quickly identify the cause of the impact and continue Improved intelligent yield management (IYM) and other intelligent services. Using this iFA system platform, it will be able to surpass Industry 4.0 and assist domestic manufacturing industries to achieve the goal of close to zero defects in all products, thus realizing the vision of Industry 4.1.

In order to strengthen the promotion and application, Chengda iMRC teamed up with Chunghwa Telecom, Intelligent Production Solutions, and Prophet Technology in December 2018 to jointly establish a smart manufacturing strategy alliance, commercialize the iFA platform, and launch a random buyout (Serve). based) and Cloudbased service types; the cloud version only pays the monthly fee on demand, which saves the construction cost, so it is especially suitable for the needs of small and medium enterprises; this will accelerate the industrial upgrading of Taiwan. It is quite helpful for economic development. At present, this iFA platform has been publicly displayed on the aluminum rim processing automation system of 2018 iMTDuo Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Far East Machinery at 2018.05; and also at 2018.18 at 2018 TaipeiPlas Taipei Nangang Exhibition. Publicly displayed on automated systems. In addition, the iFA platform has also been operating on the production lines of companies such as ASE, Hanxiang, and Formosa Plastics.

At the same time, for the AMCoT architecture, Professor Zheng also began to optimize. Since December 2018, he has presided over the Advanced Manufacturing Technology of the Ministry of Science and Technology the intelligent motive power system and the network integration project "Advanced Manufacturing Objects Based on Container Technology" (AMCoTC). The project will use a new generation of virtualization technologies (such as Docker and Kubernetes) to build a smart manufacturing platform to containerize various intelligent functional modules.

In addition, in view of the increasing application of metal laminate manufacturing, in order to effectively solve its process problems and improve quality, Professor Zheng also applied AVM technology and iFA platform to the field of metal laminate manufacturing, and the research results are scheduled to be in metal laminating machines. The line is actually lined up and has applied for a US patent. At present, Chengda iMRC is actively collaborating with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and is looking forward to adding this result to its database and incorporating it into international standards.

Source: Ministry of Science and Technology, R.O.C