SMEs frequently claim ignorance of labor laws: Ministry

The labor ministry received close to 2,200 appeals from businesses against disciplinary measures for violations last year. It canceled a total of 260 of the punishments.

Labor ministry official Fu Hui-chih said Tuesday that 80% of appeals concern violations in three categories. Those are the Labor Standards Act, Labor Insurance Act and Employment Service Act. Fu said employers tend to claim they were not aware of the regulations.

Fu said, Those concerned are mostly small and medium businesses. They claim that they did not know about the regulations, or that they are a family business and most of the employees are relatives, in other words, 'If he comes, he comes. If he doesn't show up, he doesn't. It's very free.' They do not feel the need to enforce the regulations, which, however, are required by law. So county and city governments explain disciplinary measures more clearly to employers when they hand them down.

The labor ministry has expanded the practice of workplace inspections in recent years.

Source: Radio Taiwan International