Southeast Asia is a ‘blue ocean’ for Taiwan’s exports: Facebook

Taipei-Southeast Asian markets have become a "blue ocean" for Taiwan-made products, as seen by the high brand awareness enjoyed by Taiwanese goods in that region, a Facebook executive said on Tuesday.

Jayne Leung (???), head of Facebook in greater China, made the comment following an event sponsored by the Industrial Development Bureau to honor the top 20 Taiwanese brands of 2017.

Asustek Computer Inc. (??), Trend Micro Inc.( ????) and Want Want Holdings Ltd. (????????) are the top three most recognizable Taiwanese brands, according to a report on Taiwanese brand awareness by Interbrand -- a global brand consultancy.

Citing the findings in the report, Leung said 99 percent of consumers in Southeast Asian countries know of at least one Taiwanese brand, while 32 percent know nearly 40 percent of the top 20 Taiwanese brands, particularly consumers in Singapore.

"This finding proves that the Southeast Asian region serves as a 'blue ocean' market for Taiwan's outbound shipments (in search of huge growth)," Leung said.

Leung attributed the trend to Taiwan's status as a 3C product export powerhouse, citing the finding as saying that "98 percent of respondents in the Southeast Asian region know at least one Taiwanese 3C brand, while 55 percent are familiar with one Taiwanese brand that is not a 3C product."

Noting that millenials, born between 1982-2000, are fond of 3C products, Leung said the report also discovered that 30 somethings love to try out new hi-tech gadgets. According to the report, 48 percent of those aged 31-40 love new hi-tech devices, while 35 percent love trendy items, she added.

At the same time, Taiwanese sports goods brands are also popular among global users, with 47 percent of consumers saying they believe in their quality, while 53 percent described them as reliable and trustworthy, the Facebook executive said.

As 1.2 billion of Facebook's 2.1 billion users across the globe contact at least one foreign company per month, this means that 66 million Facebook users could contact at least one Taiwanese enterprise, she suggested.

Against such a backdrop, it is clear that there is great potential for Taiwan-based enterprises to develop more global business, Leung contended.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel