Stamp Expo: ROC postal history highlights displayed in U.S. museum

The Republic of China's postal history highlighted by stamps from the past 100 years can be seen in the United States' National Postal Museum in Washington.

The ROC's first airmail stamp issued in 1921, billed as one of the international treasures in the museum's William H. Gross Stamp Gallery, marked the launch of the first airmail route in the country's history.

The 90-cent stamp issued along with the introduction of the Beijing-Shanghai airmail service shows a Curtiss Jenny mailplane flying over the Great Wall when the Chinese mainland was still under the ROC government's rule.

The museum also displays the ROC stamps issued after the seat of the government was moved to Taiwan in 1949, when the communists secured control of the mainland and established the People's Republic of China in Beijing.

The pagoda by Chengcing Lake in Kaohsiung, featured in a 1967 stamp set, is on display in the gallery and exemplifies the ROC era in Taiwan.

The museum's collection of stamps and postal service records, however, goes back to the late 19th century and includes stamps issued by the Republic of Formosa with its tiger symbol in 1895. The short-lived republic was established in Taiwan after the island was ceded to Japan following China's defeat in the Sino-Japanese War.

Another glimpse into the history of the postal service in Taiwan is offered by an old mailbox painted in different shades of blue to distinguish destinations of the mail in the 1950s, before the current colors of red and green were adopted.

Source: Focus Taiwan