Starbucks to raise coffee prices, beginning Feb. 22

Taipei--Coffeehouse chain, Starbucks, will raise prices for a number of coffee drinks in Taiwan, starting on Feb. 22, with the Frappuccino series set to undergo the largest price hike of up to NT$20 (US$0.65).

President Starbucks Coffee Corp., which runs the U.S.-originated coffeehouse chain in Taiwan, confirmed the price increase on Monday. It explained that an increase in the price of raw materials prompted the pricing adjustment after taking basic operational costs into consideration.

Prices will be increased for 29 coffee or tea beverages, according to the company.

The price for brewed coffee and expresso will increase by NT$10 and for Latte and milk-containing expresso and tea beverages NT$15.

Prices for eight different kinds of Frappuccino sold at Starbucks will rise in price by NT$5 to NT$20, the company said.

There are 408 Starbucks cafes around Taiwan, according to President Starbucks, a joint venture set up in 1998 by the Seattle, U.S-based Starbucks Coffee International and Taiwan's Uni-President Enterprises Corp. and its subsidiary, President Chain Store Corp.

The last time Starbucks raised prices in Taiwan was October 2011, when the price for milk-containing beverages rose NT$10 and those for non-milk beverages NT$5, reflecting an 18 percent increase in the cost of fresh milk.

However, the latest price hikes have drawn the ire of netizens, who complained that even though a grand Latte in Taiwan is already more expensive than in Japan, the company still plans to increase the price.

Some netizens threatened to boycott Starbucks, saying on the PTT Gossiping board: "Don't buy any of its drinks for the time being."

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel