Strong cold air mass to push temperatures down to 11 degrees

Taipei, A strong continental cold air mass that is moving into Taiwan is expected to send temperatures around the island down to as low as 11 degrees Celsius on Wednesday, according to the Central Weather Bureau.

CWB forecaster Yen Tseng-hsi (???) said the cold air mass will likely strengthen Wednesday night, driving temperatures down to 11-13 degrees in northern and central Taiwan and 13-14 degrees in the south.

Daytime highs should range between 17 and 18 degrees in northern Taiwan and 25 and 26 degrees in southern Taiwan and hit 22 degrees in central Taiwan, Yen said.

The lowest temperature recorded in low-lying areas of Taiwan Wednesday morning was 14.5 degrees in Banqiao District in New Taipei, according to bureau data.

Despite the cooler weather, the dry air is expected to leave the heavy rains seen on Tuesday behind, with only some occasional showers in the eastern part of the island forecast, Yen said.

Such a weather pattern is expected to continue until the strength of the cold air mass starts to weaken Friday morning, he said.

Temperatures during the day Friday should rise to 21-23 degrees in northern Taiwan and at least 25 degrees in central and southern Taiwan, the CWB forecast.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel