Strong cold wave brings snow to Yushan

Taipei, Heavy snow fell on Taiwan's highest peak, Yushan, early Thursday as a strong continental cold air mass sent temperatures plummeting across the country, the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) reported that day.

As of 5 a.m., 7.5 centimeters of snow had been recorded, according to CWB data.

In low-lying areas, the lowest temperature, 9.3 degrees Celsius, was recorded in Hsinchu early Thursday, according to CWB forecaster Hsu Chung-yi (???).

Daytime highs were forecast at 12-14 degrees in northern Taiwan, 16-18 degrees in central Taiwan and Hualien, and 19-22 degrees in southern Taiwan and Taitung, Hsu said.

With moisture remaining abundant, there will be chances of rain in northern and eastern Taiwan and in mountainous areas of central and southern Taiwan, he said.

From late Thursday until next Tuesday, coastal and rural areas north of Chiayi could see temperatures falling below 10 degrees at night and during the early morning hours, with the chance of snow at elevations of over 1,000 meters, he said.

Source: Fucus Taiwan