Submit NACC to take legal action against Minister of Justice in suspending Thaksin’s sentence

NACC today, "Doctor Tul - PDRC" filed a complaint against the NACC to take legal action against the Minister of Justice and those who helped Thaksin illegally suspend his sentence. Urge to urgently set up an inquiry committee. "Sornchai" insists that he will not be complacent. Got some evidence already. Dr. Tul Sittisomwong, former leader of the colorful shirts, Mr. Pichit Chaiyamongkol, leader of the Thailand Reform Students Network (PDRC), Mr. Anon Klinkaew, president of the Center for the Protection of Institutions (PDRC). ) The Dhamma Army along with the group submitted a complaint to the NACC. Through Mr. Sornchai Chuwichian, Assistant Secretary-General of the NACC, he requested to investigate the Minister of Justice and others. on charges of wrongful performance of duties Facilitate Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra's punishment. Not according to the specified criteria and hastened the establishment of an investigative committee by having the NACC invite medical specialists related to Mr. Thaksin's congenital dis ease to investigate further. Dr. Tul said that the consideration of suspending Mr. Thaksin's sentence Claiming that because he is 70 years old, if it is a special case, he must not be able to help himself. But the image that the whole country saw of Mr. Thaksin You can still help yourself. In the case of claiming serious disease, it must be at the level of AIDS. Chronic kidney failure requires dialysis. It's not any disease. Most importantly, he has to be bedridden, but in the past 2 days, the whole country has seen what Mr. Thaksin is like. Therefore, he sees that it is a matter of concern to people throughout the country who love fairness. 'The hospital address has been since September 2023 and the information has been concealed. But today we see a picture of Mr. Thaksin. It's like unfolding yourself. What is it really like? Therefore, the committee The National Anti-Corruption Commission should be easy to work with. We have prepared documents from the Department of Corrections that have been disclosed to the public for comparison. So what are the facts? The truth will be revealed to the whole country,' said Dr. Tul. Mr. Phichit said he had filed a request to NACC investigates this matter. From September 27, 2023, which on March 27 will complete the 180-day time frame as required by law. NACC must completely investigate the facts. So I want to hurry up. Because from interviews with various people and the picture of Mr. Thaksin that appeared today It was clear that he was not sick as claimed. Mr. Sornchai said that the period is according to legal regulations. This is a preliminary framework where evidence must be gathered within 180 days. But if the process is not completed, The time for each step can be extended after the NACC accepts this matter in September 2023. Officials are not silent. In the process of verification Today there is a request for documents and evidence from relevant agencies, including the Royal Thai Prison and Bangkok Remand Prison. police hospital including inviting relevant people to give statements There is continuous operation. which has already received some information But the work of NACC has process steps. Once the matter is received, the evidence must be examined. Go find evidence about when the inquiry can be held. Confirm that if the relevant facts and evidence are ready and there is evidence of guilt, a committee will be set up to investigate the facts further. Source: Thai News Agency