Taichung councilors seek guarantee of no more power cuts

Taipei-Following a blackout that impacted nearly 4,000 households and businesses the previous day, a group of Taichung City councilors from the opposition Kuomintang (KMT) called a press conference on Tuesday to demand the municipal government promise there will be no more power cuts.

Lee Chung (??), a KMT caucus whip, said Taichung residents who have long had to live with air pollution caused by the coal-fired Taichung Power Plant now feel "wary" and "uncertain" in the wake of the power outage on Monday, as they have no idea "if and when there might be another cut."

A power transformer station owned by a private company in Taichung Industrial Park malfunctioned at 4:52 p.m. on Monday, leading to further problems at two power transformer stations operated by Taiwan Power Company (Taipower) in the park that impacted nearly 4,000 households and enterprises before power was restored by 5:24 p.m.

Faced with the unstable power supply, councilor Yang Cheng-chung (???) demanded that Taichung Mayor Lin Chia- lung (???) work out a practical time-frame to ensure the city, the second-largest in Taiwan in terms of population, has an adequate and stable power supply.

"After the massive blackout on Aug. 15 and a power cut notification on Aug. 17, Taichung was again hit by a power cut on Aug. 21," Yang said, adding that Taichung residents are now highly skeptical of the local authorities' ability to resolve the problem and afraid power cuts could happen anytime.

The lawmakers urged the municipal authorities to ask the central government and Taipower to come up with a plan that guarantees stable power supply to the city.

If the government is interested only in dodging responsibility rather than examining its own failures, the power shortage problem will become even worse, they said.

In response to their demand, officials from the city's economic development bureau said they are still seeking to determine the cause of the incident and have asked Taipower to forewarn local residents of power cuts when possible.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel