Taichung Power Plant ordered to reduce coal use by 24%

Taipei-Taichung City government on Wednesday ordered a 24 percent reduction in the amount of coal used by Taichung Power Plant to generate energy, beginning in 2018.

The mandated reduction seeks to reduce the current annual consumption of coal from 21 million tons to 16 million tons, marking the first reduction since the coal-fired power plant was opened.

Speaking with CNA, the spokesman for Taiwan Power Company (Taipower), owner of Taichung Power Plant, said it would comply with the city government's orders but noted that a reduction in the volume of coal used would inevitably reduce the amount of energy generated.

According to Taipower spokesman Lin Te-fu (???), the reduction will see a decrease of 4.5 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy generated annually at the power plant, which is about a 10 percent reduction.

Lin noted that the reduction would amount to 2 percent of Taiwan's annual power production of 220 billion kWh, greatly affecting power supply.

If Taipower were to switch to natural gas to make up for the decrease in energy generated, it would require an additional 600 million tons of natural gas, which would increase operational costs by NT$3.9 billion, the company said.

Along with the reduction order, Taichung City government also approved an application by the plant to extend the operation of nine of its 10 coal-fired generation units.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel