Taidong video recording talent training Li Yongde more people see Hakka

In order to cultivate the image recording talents of the guests in the area, the Hakka Committee cooperated with the Taitung County Audiovisual Recording Society to handle the 108 Taitung County Audio and Video Recording Talent Advanced Training and the Old Oral History Project. Today (20), the airport committee The chairman of the committee, Li Yongde, went to the audiovisual record center of the Hakka Community in Taitung County to participate in the beginning of the industry. He pointed out that everyone has different and special stories around them. I hope that the students will take pictures of them and let more people See Hakka and learn about Hakka.

When the chairman of the committee made a speech, he said that the visiting committee will fully support the group that is committed to the development of guest image training. Thanks to the promotion of the director Han Pengfeng. He also mentioned that when he was the general manager of public television, he planned a program. Record Viewpoint, which specializes in collecting folk documentaries, indirectly trains many excellent video talents through public television, and also makes the society more visible to everyone. Therefore, he also suggests that Hakka TV will collect documentary images from the public next year to let more people Seeing the life of the guest house, and then discovering the diverse features of the Hakka people.

Chairman Li pointed out that the threshold of documentary and micromovie is not too high. It can be filmed without professional actors or expensive equipment. For example, he directed Wu Nianzhen's micromovie, My shop is called permanent, and I found the paper windmill director Li Yongfeng and Her mother and a good neighbor, took a story about the local grocery store, a short 5minute film, but it was thoughtprovoking. Therefore, he hopes that the students will learn the experience of their predecessors through a series of courses, so that more people can see the movement under the lens, and let more people see different Hakkas.

The Advance Recording Training for Audiovisual Record Talents, the Project of Historical Interviews and Results Presentation, from now until September 9th, invited the Chairman of the Taiwan Hakka Audiovisual Record Society, Peng Qiyuan, and the Director of the Performing Arts Department of Chongyou Institute of Technology. Du Huijun, a fulltime teacher of the Film and Television Communication Department of Chongping and Chongyou Institute of Technology, Liu Shaoyong, Supervisor of the Republic of China Clipping Association, photographer Yu Jixiang, Hakka TV news anchor Lin Qiuyi, Hakka TV station resident reporter Chen Junming, Zhongshi News stationed in Taiwan, Lai Yongcheng, and public television station reporter Wu Zhangmingzhe, guest language teacher Huang Xuetang, member of Taitung County Cultural Assets Review Committee Jiang Yanshan and other experts and scholars served as lecturers, and from September 20th to October 27th, they handled five outstanding students in the Starry Cinema screening of the guest community. The work, I hope that everyone will see the new ideas of the documentary that the students have feedback after the course.

Source: Hakka Affairs Council