Taipei, Keelung record low of 12.4 degrees Celsius

Taipei-Taipei-and Keelung recorded low temperatures of 12.4 degrees Celsius on Saturday, the lowest this winter in the two cities, the Central Weather Bureau said Saturday.

The bureau said a cold front has moved into northern and central Taiwan and will deliver its coldest temperatures on Saturday and Sunday.

Five of the bureau's monitoring stations in the region had already recorded their lowest temperatures of the winter as of 10 a.m. Saturday. In addition to Taipei-and Keelung, monitoring stations in Hsinchu, Wuqi, and Taichung recorded winter lows of 12 degrees, 12.3 degrees and 13.2 degrees, respectively.

The bureau said the cold front has also brought a lot of moisture and could yield snow on mountains over 3,000 meters high before Sunday.

Snow was not yet in the cards for Yushan (Jade Mountain), the highest mountain in Taiwan, on Saturday because temperatures bottomed out at 1.1 degrees.

Meteorologist Daniel Wu (???) said, meanwhile, that the current cold spell will affect Taiwan until Tuesday, when temperatures will start to rebound.

But another cold front will reach Taiwan on Jan. 19 and send temperatures down sharply on Jan. 20 and 21, he said.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel