Taipei mayor heads to Europe to learn about democratic practices

Taipei-Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je (???) departed on his tour of Europe and Turkey Saturday morning, highlighting the lessons in democratization these countries can provide for Taiwan.

Taiwan has long looked to the United States for guidance but given Europe's comparable status in global politics, Taiwan should spend more time connecting with European nations and learning from them as well, Ko told reporters prior to his departure.

The mayor will be visiting the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland and Turkey on this trip. He specifically cited the Netherlands and Poland's development and history of democratization, respectively, as valuable experiences for Taiwan to learn from.

Ko will be engaged in a series of meetings and discussions while in these countries to learn more about urban renewal, the circular economy, smart cities and shared transportation in major cities, all of which are expected to be beneficial to Taipei.

While in Turkey, he will meet with officials from the Turkish government to discuss that country's expressed interest in building a mosque in Taipei.

He is also scheduled to give a speech at the European Parliament in Brussels on Jan. 31.

The trip concludes on Feb. 6.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel