Taipei moving to open public housing to same-sex couples

Taipei--Taipei is processing a regulatory amendment that would allow registered same-sex couples to rent public housing units in the city, a city official said Sunday.

The amendment to Taipei's regulations on the management of public housing rental units has been approved by the city government and will soon enter the next stage, which is to obtain public opinion on the proposal, said Chien Se-fang (???), a division chief at the city's Department of Urban Development.

After that step, the amendment will be submitted to the city's municipal administrative council for final approval in May before being promulgated, Chien said.

If it is approved, people who can present certificates of registration as same-sex couples will be eligible to apply for the rental of public housing units, which will be allocated based on the size of the household, he said.

Since Taipei began allowing the registration of same-sex couples in June 2015, the number of such registrations has reached 298, of which 55 are male partners and 243 are female, according to city government data.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel