Taipei’s summer anti-drug efforts bear fruit

Taipei, Sept. 2 (CNA) The Taipei City Police Department's strengthened efforts in the fight against illegal drugs is making great progress, with more drug-related cases resolved over the past two months, the department's Criminal Investigation Division said Sunday.

In July and August, police in the special municipality launched two anti-illegal drugs programs, which resulted in the cracking of 1,805 drug-related cases and the arrest of 1,849 people for drug offenses, up 19.9 percent and 18.2 percent, respectively, from the same period of last year, said Huang Ren-jian (???), chief of the division's anti-drugs center.

With the help of big data analytics, city police officers targeted 91 hot spots and road sections for drug crimes and devised police patrols and inspection routes before carrying out raids.

Police also stepped up inspections on road sections frequented by people involved in drug crime. During the two-month period, 263 spot checks were carried out and as a result, 823 cases were cracked, with 831 people arrested.

Meanwhile, the city police department has also intensified its anti-illegal drugs campaign by drumming up support from city residents. As of August, 93 anti-drug reporting websites and 112 message distribution groups have been established, attracting 1,427 supporters for the campaign, according to Huang.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel