Taitung resort development project fails environmental assessment

Taipei, The Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) on Tuesday rejected a proposed beach resort development project at Dulan Bay in Taitung County due to concerns over its adverse environmental impact and passed on the details of its decision to the Tourism Bureau, the authority in charge of the project.

The EPA's environmental impact assessment (EIP) committee made the decision during a review meeting, on the grounds that the project has undergone multiple evaluations but additional and supplementary documents seeking to make modifications, filed by the developer, still fail to address the project's potential impact on local ecological systems.

For that reason, the committee rejected the project and asked the Tourism Bureau under the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) to turn down the developer's application for a permit.

In response, Deng Ying-nan (???), head of the development company, noted that he bought the land and started preparations for the project when he was about 40 years old, but more than 30 years later still no progress has been made.

Deng said the result of the EIP is bad for Taitung but indicated he would respect the views of those opposed to the development, adding he was considering what step to take next.

The project is one of four proposed developments in the Dulan Bay area. Currently, only one has passed an environmental impact assessment and work is proceeding.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel