Taiwan congratulates UK on holding general election

Taiwan has extended its congratulations to the United Kingdom on successfully holding a general election on Thursday. In a press release issued Friday morning, the foreign ministry said the government hopes to continue deepening exchanges and cooperation with the UK in all aspects.

The foreign ministry said Taiwan and the UK share universal values such as democracy, freedom, human rights and the rule of law. Relations between the two sides have grown rapidly in recent years as evidenced by frequent visits by senior officials and lawmakers. The press release also said Taiwan and the UK have forged closer ties in the areas of business, trade, tourism, culture, education and scientific research.

The ministry called the UK a global model of democracy and said its time-honored democratic traditions and the sophisticated democratic literacy of its citizens were evident for all to see during the election.

The election was not a success however for the incumbent prime minister, Theresa May. May had called an early election in the hope of securing a solid mandate ahead of the start of Brexit negotiations with the EU. The gamble backfired, however, with May's Conservatives losing their majority and forced into forming a coalition government with Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionists.

Source: Radio Taiwan International