Taiwan devising new military strategy: President Tsai

President Tsai Ing-wen said Thursday a new military strategy, aimed at charting a direction and changing the culture of Taiwan's armed forces, is being drafted and will be completed by next January.

The challenges in Taiwan's defense forces stem from structural restrictions both outside and inside the military, Tsai said during an inspection of troops in the Han Kuang military exercises in Pingtung County.

The president said she stands firmly with Taiwan's troops, calling their failings and accomplishments hers as well.

"I see the honor and disgrace of the defense forces as my own," Tsai said. "No matter what the source of the problems, no matter what the criticisms, I will face them with you."

Tsai said she has issued a directive for the Ministry of National Defense to devise a strategy that would chart a direction for the military and change its culture.

The armed forces need to follow procedure, therefore, there should be clear rules for tasks that have no standard operating procedures, and the regulations should be amended in cases where certain procedures are unrealistic, she said.

The new strategy is being drafted based on discussions, consultations and brainstorming within the military and in the wider society, Tsai said.

She commended the troops' performance in the live-fire exercise, saying it showed solid training, and she encouraged the military to be innovative and put forth its best efforts in the restructuring process.

Source: Focus Taiwan